June 23rd: FSTA Summer Conference 2014 Recap

Jeff Collins / FanMouth


Wow, what a week we had at the FSTA Summer Conference here in San Francisco!

The Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) holds both winter and summer conferences for members to get together and learn about the latest news and innovations in the industry. The turnout was incredible! It’s always exciting to see new faces and connect with old friends, and this event was no exception.

The Draft


To kick off the event, the FSTA held their annual Fantasy Football Experts Draft live on Sirius 210/XM 87. Daniel Shaffer and I represented FanMouth against 13 other teams that were manned by the brightest minds in the industry including Rick Wolf, Chris Liss, Bob Harris, Jeff Mans and Ray Flowers. Our strategy was a very aggressive and controversial one that I’ll write about later, but you can view the draft results here: 2014 FSTA Experts Draft149919_805110032841109_4862539663505335058_n


The After Party at Lefty O’Doul’s sponsored by FanMouth


Once the draft was complete, everyone walked down to Lefty O’Doul’s for food and drinks provided by FanMouth. It was packed! The bar was overflowing with people and it was a great opportunity for us to thank our current supporters and friends while also meeting new ones.



The Panels


FSTA President Paul Charchian kicked off the following day full of panels by announcing that the United States and Canada have reached a combined 41 million fantasy sports players! It’s great to see that more and more people are discovering fantasy sports every year.

Stadium Innovations

Ethan Casson from the San Francisco 49ers and Steve Lacroix from the Minnesota Vikings discussed their plans for creating environments friendly to fantasy sports players in their new stadiums. They are investing in ideas that create what they call “a customizable fan experience” for each fan. Features ranged from Yahoo Fantasy Sports Lounges designed for amplifying your fantasy experience to having battery chargers delivered to your seat in the stadium. The fact that teams realize how important it is for them to find ways to attract the fantasy players to their stadiums is very exciting… and they are still open to ideas!


DFS Panel

A specific panel that we were excited about was the one dedicated to Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). Drew Dinkmeyer made the argument that both late swap and early lock roster options are needed within the industry in order to provide the fantasy player with options. A case was also made for DFS sites to include more statistics and information for players while building their lineups. A concern has been that the more information you provide to a person takes an edge away from the people that know more about the sport or the ones that do more research. FanMouth has always believed that the more information you can provide, the better. It seems like other sites out there might be catching up to that. It’s not the data that provides the advantage, but rather the way the fantasy players interpret that data that is key. We believe in empowering our players to develop their skills while also competing in a friendly environment against the opponents that you want to face. You always know who you’re matched up against with our stat tracking, win percentages, average scores, and more included in each player profile. So if you want to take on the top players at FanMouth, you can. But if you’d rather take on an easier opponent or a friend, there are those other options for you.


Suffice to say, the multi-day event was a huge success. FanMouth would like to thank the FSTA and all of the attendees for making it a memorable one. Special thanks to Association Director Megan Van Petten for coordinating everything!

See you in Las Vegas for the FSTA Winter Conference.

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